WLEC is thrilled to be selected as one of the organizations invited to participate in the Walking for Dreams 2023 Family and Pet Walk on May 19, 2024. The day was a huge success and our fundraising efforts went well beyond what we ever imagined. Stay tuned for the matching funds we receive! Shout out to Paul and Holly Watzlavik and the benefactors for their generosity! 

We met and exceeded our $60,000 goal!!! Thank you for all of the support!!!

For the Love of Books Celebration

Friedman Park Event Center on

February 17,2024

Introducing the 2024 Royal Court of the annual For the Love of Books Celebration 

Jason and Lindsey Finke

Jason Finke - Peabody Coal

My wife con's me into everything;)

Lindsey Finke -Tecumseh Middle School Teacher 

I have young children who love reading and I want other young children to experience a love for books like them!

Chris and Terri Nolan

Chris Nolan - Astra Zeneca

I believe getting books into the hands of young children is required for future generations to have confidence and succeed.  I am active in a buddy program at a local elementary school and have volunteered a various local organizations. Through these experiences I have found that books and reading are an excellent way to communicate with all ages and open up the minds. Not everyone's exposure to books is the same and I want to support our community by ensuring everyone gets books at an early age. The Warrick Literacy and Education Connection allows children to receive these books and start the habit of being avid readers at a young age.

Terri Nolan - Astra Zeneca 

As a child an elderly neighbor gave all his worldly possessions which included a large amount books to my family upon his passing.  My family would take food to his modest home that was heated by a coal stove.  He slept on the floor near the coal stove on a 2” mattress.  His books meant the world to him.  My Dad promised him that we would preserve the books or pass them on to a local library.   As I got older I realized while the man had very little material possessions that he was very intelligent and had spent what little money he had on books.  I would like to continue passing on his love of books and my families legacy of preserving them to the children of Warrick County.

Kyle and Claire Stevenson

Kyle Stevenson - Astra Zeneca

Our family has appreciated getting to enjoy the Dolly Parton Imagination Library over the last 5 years!

Claire Stevenson - Nurse Practitioner at Neurosurgical Consultants

We have loved reading our Dolly books to our boys over the last 5 years and are thankful for a great program that benefits families in Warrick County!

Cory and Valerie Topper

Cory Topper - Astra Zeneca

Valerie Topper - ECHO Community Health

Cory and Valerie joined the Royal Court to help give children in Warrick County the fun and excitement of reading.  As the parents of two young children, they have experienced first-hand the smiles and laughs while reading some of their favorite books, and how reading can bring out their creativity and imagination.  They hope that other families in Warrick County are able to get the same experience and get to share in many great adventures with their kids.

Ben and Kimberly Wallace

Ben Wallace - 6th Grade Science Teacher 

As an educator, I think that the Dolly Parton Imagination is an excellent organization.  Getting books in the hands of children as soon as possible helps build literacy skills that gives kids a head start in life.  This head start creates early readers and those early readers are tomorrow’s leaders.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced the program first hand.  Our youngest son graduated out of the program last year and his love for books is amazing.  He couldn’t wait for his new book to arrive in the mail each month.  I loved seeing the joy on his face when a new book arrived and I want to do my part to continue putting the joy of books into young childrens’ hearts.  

Kimberly Wallace - Homemaker

My love for literacy began as a young girl. I can remember gazing up at my Mamaw in awe and pure amazement as she would read to me “The Little Golden Books,” stories from the Bible. It wasn’t long after the spark that she lit turned into me reading, memorizing, and reciting poetry in the Academic Bowl for my school. But that was all just the beginning, those adolescent memories were the key to my eyes being fully open to all the many ways literacy can change lives! Without those early memories, I would not have seen that books are a way to bridge the gap. As a past life skills program assistant and preschool teacher assistant, I saw first hand the way books are a way to give all children a voice! Books may seem so simple to some, but to others it may be the way they are able to advocate for themselves. This is why I have chosen to become a part of this wonderful organization and try to help make sure that other children have the opportunity to be influenced by books the same way I was as a child!

Zach and Kathryn Wells

Zach Wells - Mechanic at United Rentals 

Our children have benefited from this program and I know how important reading is to their future. Our children love to read and I hope other Warrick County children are able to benefit as well.

Kathryn Wells - 6th Grade Reading Teacher

As an educator and mother, reading is the most important part of a child's early education. It allows children to bond with their families, learn about other people/cultures, and gain phonetic skills at an early age. This program allows all children in Warrick County to have equal opportunity to monthly books. How could I not support such a worthy cause?

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